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Cannot tell you how grateful we are to have Francisco and Vivian in our community.  From providing us with the freshest in organic vegetables and produce, to being strong advocates for healthy eating and living, they are an irreplaceable asset to those living in our area.  They are an integral part of the extended family of individuals who feel it vitally important to know where your food comes from and how it is cultivated.  We urge anyone living in our area to get to know and be a part of this wonderful CSA!   -Mike

Our home is very close to the farm.  In addition to being a member of the CSA I’m a home gardener.   Francisco has always been generous with his time concerning my tomatoes and all their various ailments.  He’s a personable guy that wants to be helpful no matter what the subject.  I’m glad that I’ve gotten to know him.   -Jeff Todd

It is just plain GOOD! The flavor, the shelf life, the variety and of course the wonderful fellowship with the Arroyo family and fellow members. Pick-up days are always good days. - The Farrs

We LOVE our membership! We've been eating many more veggies and loving it. Thank you, KYV! - Simply St. Augustine 

KYV Farms produce being local AND organic has helped me eat the healthiest possible and stay cancer free after having had stage 4 cancer. You and your family are memorable and doing so much for so many people! I thank you for your nutritious veggies Thank you Vivian, Francisco and family.  - Lynne' H

 I drive just over 20 miles to get any "extra" produce KVY has. It's more than worth the drive. Each item I've purchased has been ultra-fresh and so much tastier than the grocery/produce store produce. They are friendly, knowledgeable and friendly. It is refreshing to have folks as Francisco and Vivien doing as they do.  - Diane G 

 I am currently a delighted member of this wonderful CSA. I could not be happier with the quality and quantity of vegetables and citrus I pick up weekly from Francisco and Vivian. They are both passionate about what they produce and it shows. You will not be disappointed if you join this CSA! -Heather S.

Fresh organic veggies are a mainstay in our family’s diet.  Our membership with KYV has brought fresh organic local produce into our life.  Choosing a CSA membership with KYV over the produce in the grocery store was a very thought out process.  We were able to tour the farm and talk to our farmers to make a well informed decision.   Organic certification is important to our family and that is another reason why we chose KYV.  Our experience over the years has been wholesome.  All of our children have been able to experience the way food is brought to our table-straight from the farm.  Francisco and Vivian are always very helpful, knowledgeable and insightful.   Since the first year of our membership we have been more than satisfied with the quality and quantity of produce we receive in our share. -The Beckers

I cannot find fresher, tastier, or less expensive organic veggies anywhere in Jacksonville! Going to KYV encourages creativity in my cooking and my family eats more yummy veggies than we ever would without KYV!!! Our family thanks you for all your hard work, sweat, and sacrifice for us to eat well. You are like family! :) – Heather 

The reason I love the organic vegetables from KyV's CSA is because I can give my daughter the gift of connection with the earth. As she learns where food should come from, she will not only live a healthier, disease free life, but will be a steward for the planet for future generations. - Dawn Hutchins

We joined KYV's CSA this past spring and have enjoyed each visit to Kiko and Vivian's farm.  A wonderful selection of fresh produce that has encouraged me to try new recipes and expand our food horizons.  When our share includes leafy vegetables, my husband makes us a daily salad for lunch.  Vivian always has a few extra selections that fill our KYV bag to overflowing!   In May we got a box of 24 ears of sweet white organic corn along with tomatoes, peppers, bok choy, carrots - you name it- (see attached photo)! The 1/2 share is perfect for me and my husband!  -Dianne and John Battle

I love knowing exactly where my food comes from and how it's grown. I also love the variety each week and throughout the season. I don't ever want to go back to buying everything at the store. –Anne

We have been buying veggies from KYV for many years even prior to our CSA membership. I love supporting a local farm and family. As vegetarians we enjoy creating our meals from our farm fresh ingredients to keep our menu healthy and exciting. The amount of food you get for your money can't be beat!  -Jean 

I was so pleased to discover KYV's CSA program! There is not another comparable source of local organic produce that I have found. The quality and quantity of the food is impressive, and I love knowing exactly where it came from. -Meg Stone

I feel good knowing that I am eating and feeding my family real food, grown in a way that supports the earth and local farmers. -Andrea Hernandez

I know purchasing fresh, organic produce is the healthiest way to feed my family... but prices have risen to the point that I cannot afford to purchase organic food at local specialty stores. Purchasing directly from KYV Farms allows me to get more produce for the money, to get fresher veggies (picked freshly just for us!), and to invest our money straight into our farmer's family instead of his profit getting diluted by transportation and retail costs. It's a win-win-win making our family proud supporters of KYV Farm!!! ~Allie O